Sleep Studies

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is so much more than just catching a few ZZZs; it plays an important role in everyone’s life. Poor sleep quality can have negative impacts on many aspects of your life, like your ability to concentrate, how you interact with other people, and most importantly your physical health.

Untreated sleep disorders can adversely affect cardiovascular health. Sleep apnea can raise blood pressure and place a nightly strain on your heart. At PMC, we diagnose and treat medical sleep disorders with a primary focus on obstructive sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is often suspected due to symptoms of snoring, non-refreshing sleep, daytime sleepiness, and stoppage of breath noted by a bed partner.

Our Board Certified doctors and staff are trained to diagnose and treat your respiratory-based sleep issues. To make the process more comfortable for you, we provide a take-home test machine to help us diagnose your sleep trouble. When necessary a full in lab overnight sleep study can be arranged at our accredited hospital facility. From the beginning to the end of your treatment, our physicians are dedicated to ensuring you receive expert care to address your sleep issues and work to find a solution to help you get a good night’s sleep. Through collaboration with area ENT surgeons, dentists and medical equipment providers, we offer the full range of services to treat sleep-related breathing disorders.